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Artomatic LogoArtomatic is the DC area’s biggest arts festival – attracting more than 70,000 visitors to see work by more than 1500 artists and performers over 6 weeks at its 2012 event.

Artomatic is well-known for transforming empty spaces into vibrant arts communities that celebrate creativity and create a unique and exciting event for tens of thousands of visitors – all free to visit. Anyone can show art at Artomatic; there is no criteria to participate, and art is selected on a first-come, first serve basis. Every night of the event, thousands of people visit Artomatic to discover new art, listen to music, go on dates, grab a drink, and mingle with the creative community.

As the Marketing Team lead for Artomatic, eSocialMediaShop Principal Eric Shutt manages the marketing strategy, schedule, and production teams for marketing Artomatic. A few highlights from Artomatic’s 2012 marketing work include:

Artomatic’s PR team generated more news and blog mentions for the 2012 event than ever before, including coverage by NBC, CBS, Washington Post, and Washington Post Express.

Artomatic 2012 Event Design by Ferro plus Ferro

The design team at Ferro + Ferro managed graphic design and production for the event’s branding, print materials, advertising, and web graphics.

Artomatic also engaged designers from across the region in an open-call for original poster designs, which were featured in Artomatic’s social media channels.

Artomatic’s social media team engaged fans of Artomatic on the web, featuring highlights from the event and unique aspects of the visitor experience. Artomatic’s Facebook fans nearly doubled during the event, and we expanded our reach on channels like Twitter, Flickr, and Pinterest.

Artomatic Facebook Page

Artomatic partnered with Social@Ogilvy on a custom web app to create a mobile experience for visitors to find artists, navigate the event schedule, and connect with Artomatic through social media. The web app was promoted throughout the visitor experience – at the event, in promotional materials, and on the web.

Artomatic Mobile Poster by Social at Ogilvy - 1 Artomatic Mobile Poster by Social at Ogilvy - 2

Artomatic Mobile Poster by Social at Ogilvy - 3 Artomatic Mobile Poster by Social at Ogilvy - 4

Finally, Artomatic’s video team produced an engaging video series to showcase the amazing experience that visitors could expect to see at the 2012 event, and for years to come.



Marketing Strategy

eSocialMediaShop Services - Marketing StrategyUsing data from your website or other social media sites, we will develop an in-depth strategy to target your audience across social outlets, in print, and on the ground.





Content Strategy

eSocialMediaShop Services - Content StrategyTurn your work into valuable online content that tells your story and excites your crowd.






Content Creation

eSocialMediaShop Services - Content CreationIt matters what people see on your website and social channels. We’ll work with you to create text, photos and videos to drive action on your website, email, and social media.

Let us help you make your content distribution appealing, engaging and effective.





eSocialMediaShop Services - WebsitesFrom concept and message to execution and content management, we’ll work with you to craft a great website that meets your social web needs.






eSocialMediaShop Services - CopywritingCrafting clear, concise messages to engage your audience is vital. We’ll write content that gets the results you want, and customize it for all of your social channels.


eSocialMediaShop Services - User Experience User Interface DesignEnsuring the quality, functionality and usability of your website, email, and social media outlets is the first critical step to getting the results you want.

From wireframes to user testing, we help ensure that your customers get exactly what they want from your website and social channels.




Social Media Marketing

eSocialMediaShop Services - Social Media MarketingGet the best results on the social web with consistent content and regular updates on all of your social media outlets.

We’ll help you manage content on your blog and social channels, create new outlets for expanding your online reach, and post events on relevant sites.





eSocialMediaShop Services - PhotographyPhotos are a compelling and effective way to communicate the essence of your business and provide clear examples of your work.

We take high-quality photography of your business or event that you can use over and over. With the highest rates of sharing and engagement in social media, photos are the perfect way to expand your social reach.




Email Marketing

 eSocialMediaShop Services - Email MarketingEmail is a cornerstone of effective communications with your closest supporters and customers. From timing and content to open and click rates, we can help you get the most out of your emails.

We’ll work with you on writing and copy editing for effective emails, differences between HTML and text version testing, list building, and understanding your statistics reports.