All too often, video ads miss the reach in online viewership they really deserve. A company will spend significant time and money developing a great video campaign, buy a few broadcast spots, and relegate the clip to the internet as an afterthought – missing the potential reach in viewership the ad actually deserves. We couldn’t enjoy this new commercial more – for CTIA by west-coast agency Rock Paper Siscors.

To find the video online, you have to know exactly where to look for it. We found it by frantically searching for the clip online before we forgot what it was about, luckily remembered the CTIA acronym and theme song “Let Freedom Ring” and found a reference to the project on Production Manager Jonathan Helm’s personal website – Google indexed on his resume -having nothing to do with the ad campaign itself. emblematic of social media success – the easiest practical way for us to find the video was through a personal reference in no relationship to the huge ad campaign CTIA probably envisioned for this video, which now has just over 250 YouTube hits.

Despite being one of their best, most clear and concise content features, the video is buried on CTIA’s YouTube channel and ambiguously nested as “Ad Campaign” on CTIA’s Homepage website navigation with a text link to watch the video on their own video player. The ad is not listed on CTIA’s blog. On all of their dominant video distribution networks – Website, YouTube, and Blog – CTIA is very unfortunately missing out on the likely viewership potential of this cool new ad. How to do it right Web usability Dont Make Me think Make it easy to find Make it easy to share Promote it from a single outlet that is easy to find and share. add a play button on the video. text instructions aren’t the best instructions for illiciting user action on video plays. provide more information.

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