DCTECH Meetup Dec 2011December’s #DCTECH Meetup focused on the role of the web and emerging technology in social commerce – and how businesses are reaching customers in new ways with expanding options for online shopping.

The demos showed how online shopping continues to develop into a highly personalized shopping experience that, when used well, can also help businesses better connect with individual customers on the web.

New sites like ShopsyUmba Box, and UScoop illustrate the spectrum of personalized shopping experiences, from comparison tools to hand-curated product subscriptions and “flash deals”.

Omnea, launched just this week, offers a personalized catalog that you can create for yourself as you browse the web. It’s a perfect way to save and share holiday gift ideas, and get opinions from friends about the stuff you want to buy.

For businesses, companies like Dasdak and Living Social are offering new platforms to more directly connect businesses with new customers.

Dasdak promises to help small businesses leverage technology all from one platform, and says they’ve ”eliminated the need for managers.” Anyone can create a business page on Dasdak for $10/yr., and collect a portion of sales generated through the service. Among the features included are a mobile page version, eCommerce, and deals.

The new Living Social Instant Ordering option allows people to buy flash deals at nearby businesses. The service is designed to let people instantly find great deals nearby, relevant to exactly where  and when we’re there.

No matter what kind of personalization you’re looking for in your online shopping experience, companies are quickly evolving to facilitate eCommerce meets users’ highly contextual needs. With the rapid expansion of mobile commerce, there are amazing new possibilities for businesses to instantly connect with new customers and expand their reach.

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The #DCTECH Social Media Week edition is Wed, Feb. 15 – during Social Media Week DC.

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