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Effective project and client management is a critical part of running our (and any) business. For us, the best way to run the shop on a daily basis is with free tools from Google. This is what we use to help stay on track:


Gmail imageEmail: All of our email addresses are hooked up through Gmail. From our one, main Gmail account, we send and receive emails as lots of different email addresses. If we’re a subcontractor for your agency of record, those emails are coming straight from our Gmail account.

Google Calendar imageCalendar: We manage everything from our daily schedule to our individual client’s web content schedules with Google Calendar. If you’re looking for more consistency with content publishing on your website, blog, and social media profiles, a Google calendar can be a great tool to schedule and track content publishing.

Google Docs imageDocs:  All of our project documentation is created in Google Docs and shared with the client’s Google account. Any time you need to access the materials, it’s all right there. It’s perfect for collaboration, revisions and editing, and easy access to project materials all in one place. Interested in working with us? Our new client survey is even created in Docs!

Google Reader iconAlerts + Reader: All of our client media monitoring is set up with Google Alerts delivered as they happen to Google Reader. As we’re working on campaigns, we keep an eye on all of the news happening around a project, to use it as web content and send PR reports to clients when the work is finished.

Google Analytics imageAnalytics: Possibly the most important tool for measuring the impact of a marketing campaign, Google Analytics offers layers of data that can tell you everything from your users’ screen resolutions to the navigation paths they took to your most popular content. Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website? It’s surprising how many clients – large and small – aren’t regularly relying on Analytics.

When it all adds up, Google is a critical part of our day-to-day operations. Google tools aren’t only free, they’re the easiest to use and access, we’ve found. So ditch your Outlook account, and switch to Google.

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