Creating great video is cheaper and easier than ever – and a cool clip can get you great views on the web. We do loads of video projects – like promo videos, filming events, and interviews - to help people get the most they can out of their work. Sharable, online videos create a chronicle of engaging stories about what you do.

Producing video is really interesting because polished videos often least reflect the time and effort that was put into producing them – and it’s a huge influence on people’s expectations about creating their own video.

Now, we can watch “Making Of” videos for our favorite commercials – and they’re often more interesting than the actual commercial! Our 5 favorite online video ads at eSocialMediaShop, paired with their “Making of” clips, are:

Honda – Cog

Making of Honda Cog


Toshiba – Time Sculpture

Making of Toshiba Time Sculpture


Sony Bravia – Bouncy Balls

Making of Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls


Toshiba Space Chair

Making of Toshiba Space Chair

Sony Bravia Paint ad

Making of Sony Bravia Paint Ad


Google Chrome Features

Making of Google Chrome Features

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