Google Engage for Agencies - eSocialMediaShop BlogOnline advertising can be a key  part of any integrated marketing strategy. But, with all of the targeting and creative options available, it can be hard to understand and manage an effective online advertising campaign.

For anyone who wants to better understand how to manage online ad campaigns, the basic training video series (below) for Google Engage for Agencies provides a great overview of how to effectively manage and budget for your online ad buy.


It’s important to target online ad campaigns carefully and to consider audiences, geography, and specific relevant websites. Google Ad Planner is a tool that lets you place online ads on specific websites, like Wikipedia.

A full range of creative can be used as online advertising content – including text, image, video, and rich media ads. Google Ads provide options for displaying everything from the simple text ads everyone is familiar with on Google Search pages, to unique rich media ads that pull content from Twitter or YouTube.



Keyword Research and audience targeting are the next critical steps to an effective online ad campaign. The optimization video, below, goes into more detail about Google tools that can be used to select, monitor, and measure keywords and audience targeting to get the best results.



There are a number of options to optimize online ads for the best results. Ad groups that target specific keywords or audiences can be used to focus the attention and budget of certain online ads based on the season or time of day that an ad will be most effective. It’s also important to monitor and remove low-performing ads from your campaign to keep it well performing and focused.

Google provides a number of great tools to help plan and manage online ad campaigns.

The Google Keyword tool has long been a favorite of ours in work on search engine optimization, and it’s also an ideal tool for planning online ad words to buy. Alongside the Keyword Tool in Google Ads, the Traffic Estimator, Placement Tool, and Contextual Targeting Tools can help you optimally place online ads for a range of factors.

Combined with search reports from Google Analytics, it won’t take long to be running your own online ad campaign.

Or you can hire a pro. We manage online ad campaigns for clients big and small. If you’re interested to know more about your options for online advertising to help promote your message, let us know!