Every few weeks, we share a few photos of what it’s like behind the scenes at eSocialMediaShop. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Washington DC Potomac View Washington Monument Lincoln Memorial - eSocialMediaShop Blog

Washington DC Artomatic bumper sticker - eSocialMediaShop Blog

Hellvetica sticker - eSocialMediaShop blog

Artomatic post cards 2 - eSocialmediaShop Blog

Ogilvy DC lobby sign - eSocialMediaShop Blog

Artomatic video transfer - eSocialMediaShop blog


Harddrives for video transfer - eSocialMediaShop blog


Inkjet Labels - eSocialMediaShop Blog


Artomatic Posters by Social@Ogilvy DC - eSocialMediaShop Blog

Artomatic Check-in Poster by Social@Ogilvy DC
People like Kira Marchenese Artomatic 2012 exhibit - eSocialMediaShop blog

DC food truck - eSocialMediaShop Blog

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