Every few weeks, we share a few photos of what it’s like behind the scenes at eSocialMediaShop.

As usual, we’ve been working hard on user experience (UX) for a few projects, and spotting some cool examples of street branding and politics on our jaunts across the country and in DC – including one of the most complete car-wraps ever seen, which takes the use of bumper stickers to a whole new level.

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

eSocialMediaShop photo - UX

eSocialMediaShop photos - curbcandy dc

eSocialMediaShop Photos - equality crossing sign dc

eSocialMediaShop photo - democrats and republicans dc

eSocialMediaShop photos - KONY 2012 DC

eSocialMediaShop photos - dinosaur ride

eSocialMediaShop photos - 202

eSocialMediaShop infographic sketch by Raksa Yin

eSocialMediaShop sign - this is it

eSocialMediaShop photo - morning flight

eSocialMediaShop photo - Chesapeake Compost wireframes

eSocialMediaShop photos - love bumper sticker VW bug