Communication Arts Interactive Manual 18 - eSocialMediaShop Blog - 3-12-12This week’s must-read is Communication Arts Interactive Annual 18. Featuring highlights of interactive work that run from impressive to impressively simple, there are some great examples in leading applications of social, digital, and interactive work.

A few favorites are:
American Crew Social Animals brand book - Communication Arts - eSocialMediaShop Blog

American Crew Social Brand Book (above)
A social brand book produced by a team out of Denver outlines “goals strategies, and tone-of-voice, and … how to write code and arrange tabs and pages on each platform.”

Converse Sampler - eSocialMediaShop BlogConverse, The Sampler
This augmented-reality app is super handy if you want to try on some chucks on the fly.

Try it out for yourself through the iTunes App Store.


SPENT Challenge

14 million Americans are unemployed. But you’d never need help, right? Now imagine: You just lost your job. Your savings is almost gone. You lost your house, and you’re down to your last $1000. Can you make it through the month?

We played the game and tried to get a job as a temp, but failed the typing test! (Cleverly, the typing test was to type the Urban Ministries of Durham mission statement.) So, we fell back on being a restaurant server, but had to opt-out of health insurance. After a rent hike, school dues, a bogus speeding ticket, and – the kicker – a root canal for an unbearably aching tooth, we were broke on day 22 – and compelled to donate to Urban Ministries of Durham.

SPENT - eSocialMediaShop Blog 3SPENT - eSocialMediaShop Blog 4SPENT - eSocialMediaShop Blog 5

State Farm – State of Chaos
Create a state of chaos in your hometown with this site from State Farm. Here it is featuring The Diner in Adams Morgan, DC. Or, you can set it up for your own place.

Take This Lollipop

Take This Lollipop 1 - eSocialMediaShop BlogAmazingly, this campaign about online privacy  was produced from script to final product in only a month by a small team of creatives.

Appropriately, the experience requires connecting to the site with Facebook – and then features a creepy looking tough guy logging in to your account and scrolling through your Facebook profile before tracking you down and chasing after you in a fit of psycho rage.

The story is punctuated with your own Facebook content for dramatic effect – notice the Facebook profile photo taped to the car dashboard in the last shot.

Take This Lollipop 2 - eSocialMediaShop BlogTake This Lollipop 3 - eSocialMediaShop Blog

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