eSocialMediaShop Facebook Infographic - Visually - eSocialMediaShop Blog - 2With more data available than we know what to do with these days, it’s nice to be able to share reams of information in a way that’s simple, attractive, and easy for people to understand quickly.

Infographics have become the foundation of visual storytelling, and now there are a number of online tools that let you creatively customize, edit, and publish the information that you want to communicate.

Here’s our review of the best tools available to create your own infographics:

easelly - esocialmediashop blog - best infographics – Build your own infographics from scratch. Start with one of many available themes, and use drag-and-drop elements to customize the data and visuals. Then save and share your new infographic.

The available backgrounds, objects, and shapes give you everything you need to create a stunning visual story – and you can also upload your own elements to customize the infographic for a specific project or client.

infogram - eSocialMediaShop – Create your own interactive infographic from scratch, with your own data. is best for turning your own data sets into visually appealing, interactive infographics. Upload your own data sets, create charts and graphs, and include interactive elements and movement to your deisgn.

The site will continue adding new tools to customize your work, but already has a few appealing template options and easy-to-use buttons for changing fonts, colors, and even the length of your infographic.

eSocialMediaShop Facebook Infographic - Visually - eSocialMediaShop Blog - – Good for turning your existing social data from Facebook and Twitter into infographics with pre-defined templates, but offers little in the way of creating your own custom infographics.

Sign up if you’re looking to get inspired and join a community of info-graphers – the social networking around infographics is the strength of the site, with users sharing lots of great work to explore.

iCharts-net eSocialMediaShop – Best for turning boring datasets into nice visuals. You can use your own data, existing public data sets, or create an “infochart” that requires no data at all. There are, however, limited options for adding visual objects and shapes (upload your own, but there’s no gallery of basic elements).  As the name suggests, the tool is best for building great looking charts and graphs, but not as good for more creative visual storytelling with custom graphics that represent your concept.

An interesting feature is integration with survey tools that will turn your responses into a nice data visualization. But, the more advanced features will cost you. The basic plan is free – but higher-level, custom options will run you upwards of $65 – $165 per month.

Geocommons - eSocialMediaShop – This is your go-to site for creating visualizations with maps. You can enter your own data or use a trove of publicly available geographic datasets. You can even animate your information, and then publish it through the embedding option available on the site.



Visualize-me eSocialMediaShop – Looking to step out? lets you “visualize your resume in one click”, provided you have a LinkedIn account. The site connects with your LinkedIn profile and pulls in your professional bio, then lets you edit and customize your visual resume on your own.

While it’s specific to creating a personalized infographic about yourself, the tool shows the possibilities for unique, niche applications that infographics can be applied to – and hints at the future of specialized infographic tools for specific types of data.

Here’s an example of our own Facebook infographic from

eSocialMediaShop Facebook Infographic - Visually - eSocialMediaShop Blog