Creative that cuts through the hype is our favorite. This year’s Superbowl XLV spots speak to what’s happening in our culture right now – modernism, nostalgia, and a touch of true grit.

Volkswagen: Black Beetle

This ad speaks the language of VW’s classic Think Small campaign – named top ad campaign of the 20th century by Advertising Age.

NFL: Super Bowl Celebration

Nothing like a mash-up of your favorite sitcoms from the past 30 years to put you in a good mood.

Coca-Cola: Border

Very cool visual production choices by Coke.

Chrysler: Imported From Detroit

At two full minutes, this Detroit documentary for Chrysler is GM’s rallying call to America – featuring the first in a surprising number of commercial appearances by Eminem.

Bridgestone: Reply All

Because a good reply-all joke really hits the spot these days.

Budweiser: Wild West

What more could you ask for in a drinking experience? This clip crystallizes our love for old westerns – and, yes – Elton John.

Motorola: Empower the People

Up to the punch line, we had this spot pegged as a Mac ad – directly referencing the famous 1984 Apple’s Macintosh commercial we wrote about in our analysis on What Do Superbowl Ads Say?

Chevrolet: Cruze Status

It’s so interesting how mobile and social continue to be integrated into cars and appliances.

Groupon: Whales

In a head-to-head battle for daily-deal social domination, Groupon goes absurd – versus …

Living Social: It’ll Change Your Life

Living Social

Salesforce: Launch: Do Impossible Things

To cap the commercial push for the social web, the launch campaign for a new social co-worker collaboration service – Hulu viewers second-least favorite commercial spot – for from SalesForce reminds us that it’s all just, well – chatter.

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